Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cover Girls

"Sensitive Compassionate, Kind Selfless, and Sincere Sympathetic"

“Beautiful, Fat’n Funny”

“daughter.sister.friend.lover.accountancystudent. futureCPA.camwhore.fashionaddict from LC”
 “a girl/boy who just wants to live life to the fullest”
“passionate dancer. frustrated singer. interested in photography & fashion. now, a blogger”


 I was thinking what to blog, then suddenly I thought of 'em :)) They are my college friends. We call our group "GIRLFRIENDS" (good thing we're all girls, by heart...LOL). 

          It would be very common and boring if I will just post here the photos which were already uploaded on FB, so, I didn't do that. Instead, I gave extra-effort making each one unique and must-see :)) And then I came up with these fab edited pics:)) through http://funny.pho.to/

          After multiple clicks, all of us instantly became cover girls. I put our names with short "about me's" below which I copied from their self-made bio's on twitter (FYI, I didn't ask permission from them. HOHO :) ) 

          And, the pictures? I browsed their photos on FB, chose one for each which I think would look great to be a magcover, then dowloaded them. ( again, without their permission. HOHO :) )

          So, I guess they have to see this (O.o)

~May be subject to changes :)) HAHA. Would consider their protests after seeing this post:)




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