Friday, March 30, 2012


Tis one's the original version.... ♫♪♫♫♪♫

& tis is the acoustic one. ♫♪♫♫♪♫

  The first time I heard the song "Hey Daydreamer" from the famous commercial of Selecta Ice Cream's Cornetto Disk, I thought the one singing whenever the commercial models open their cornettos was a foreign artist until I fin'ly saw the man behind the LSSable song on Youtube. And, NO, he's not foreign-blooded, but... a true blue FILIPINO :)) 

          It was Sunday morning when my brother said to me " Ate, pakinggan mo to...acoustic version nung "Hey Daydreamer", yung nasa commercial ng Cornetto." And I was like "OKEY" (I really was not that interested). He played it, and when I saw Rez sang and performed for the first time, in the music video, I started liking him already. 

          I played this song  repeatedly which made me like him more and more.

           :)) It's been just eleven days since I knew him. And within that eleven days, I've already liked all his fan pages ( I think, unless there's a newly-made one. LOL). I've already viewed all his pictures available on the internet ( I'm a fan, so I definitely have the right to do that...HOHO #stalker). I've already played all the songs he's recorded (...and may I just say, I love his singing voice..  ). I've already watched all his videos on Youtube including interviews (...and now I don't love just his singing voice but also HIS VOICE even when he's not singing). And I've read articles about him too. (He's a rising star so there'r a lot of articles bout him available right now...good for me! :)

Oh. I was just about to write a short something about the vid, but look...I've reached this far already. Actually, what I really just planned is to tell y'all how his songs stuck in my mind for like almost two weeks now and I love'em :)) LSS =)

Another post inspired by my rising idol REZ TOLEDO :)




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