Saturday, September 29, 2012


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Friday, September 21, 2012

16 GB Apple iPod Touch

Hey fellas :) I have something really interesting for you! I found this very generous blogger giving away a 16 GB Apple iPod Touch!!! Exciting right? You can't believe it? Well you go check it yourself here---> and win this 

Photo grabbed from .

Who doesn't want to win this fab giveaway? NO ONE, 'coz ALL OF US want it :)! Joining is definitely easy so don't miss your chance! Only few bloggers throw a big big big giveaway as this one so grab the opportunity :) You might  just be the lucky one =)


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I have this photo album on Facebook titled Artsy. It's a compilation of random captured moments/ things/ people/ etc which I believe showcases the photographer in me :) I'm posting some here in my blog! The quality of the photos aren't excellent though :( Coz I don't have a dslr YET but I'm buying soon! After college (I'm fourth year now), so it's really soon :) I can't wait to own one! You my co-bloggers understand me much, right? A great camera makes blogging more fun and motivates us to blog more often especially every time we see how our blog posts appear really good with quality photos on it! YAY! the loquacious me is becoming unstoppable now. Hahaha. Better show you the photos before this post turns into a novel :)))) Here they are...

Why not have a compilation of your's too? :)


Monday, September 17, 2012


Will be making more of this soon :) I can't elaborate today why I came up with this artwork? so sudden coz I have an exam in my Law subject later ( have to study )but I want to thank someone who inspired me to do this! You proved to me that anyone could be someone's inspiration and that anyone can be someone you never expect would inspire so much, far from those who love you or treat you well- I'm saying ANYONE, so beware or better, just be prepared and be thankful (for inspiring you) when that unexpected someone gets in your way!

I made it :)

I know, nothing's special with the above poster?. The content's not even originally from me but making it made me really feel better today :) I'm currently using it as my cover photo in Facebook, just saying.


Friday, August 31, 2012

31st ( Not an ordinary Friday night, it was blue moon...)

Unplanned, one word to describe yesterday :)
We had a three- hour midterm exam in Theory of Accounts that made us all feel kinda drained plus seeing our midterm grades, OW-EM! We just had to do something that doesn't involve studying. Hahaha. Really, or else we're getting crazy!
 Our first stop was @Uncle Aps, we ordered the usual burgers that we eat almost everyday and left right after finishing our food for SM, to sing :))) Third stop was @Emjhae's, grabbed and left some things, then headed to Regulate Bar :))) Going to a bar and having a tower of distilled spirits was absolutely not part of the plan for that night (there was no plan at all, actually. LOL) but I'm thankful that we had decided to go there. We were able to relax and forget our problems even just for a while :)

Taking the exam... TOA!

First song I guess, "The Lazy Song"

Karlito| Zette| Clara| Coco

@Regulate Bar

Guess what's that logo :))

I love the blue light inside!

Tower :)

Playing with the tower ( w/ Zette actually, HAHAHA )

Love it that she does what I say. LALALA


The top.

Ice, ice, baby.

And, this is it. How come it tasted so great!

Had dinner first.

Not really spicy :)

From the outside. HAHAHA

Done eating dinner.

I kept the camera inside my bag after eating dinner. I didn't bother to take too much photos, rather I focused on the guy wearing eye glasses, the ones playing the guitar! HAHAHA. He looks cute eh! The band was amazing though :) If only I could've stayed longer last night, I surely did!

And of course, this unusual Friday night would've been impossible if it's not for the birthday girl *slash* CBA-DSC Chairgay *slash* one of the Top 50 Asset Finalists --->drum rolls<--- Emjhae! Happy Birthday again :* YAY!

Thanks also to Karl for the treat :)


Thursday, August 23, 2012


Heya. Guess what, I still don't know how to manage my time. I started blogging hoping to be like my favorite bloggers who are great time managers...but here I am, still, a procrastinator :( I can't even update this blog regularly. HAI.
So now, since I do have a little plenty of leisure time... I'm blogging! This picture down there is actually from my photoblog. I'm using JUX. It's amazing! Photography enthusiasts would love to use the platform :) 

I cropped it for the letters to be readable :)

...and for my pose to be emphasized. TEE HEE.
No, really... I just want every detail to be visible to the eyes!

If you are interested to create an account, feel free to see mine so you would have an idea of what your's could be like :))