Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Time

Joining a fan club is one of the things I never thought would I ever do in my life...probably, I am not really the kind of person who enjoy doing things like that plus being surrounded with people who despise such activity so much~ my HS friends, you would't really expect like me. But, 

YES, I did join.

Last April 14 I signed up to be a member of the official fan group of Somedaydream~ Dreamers Official. 
It wasn't an easy decision for me to join. I considered a lot of things and people but still ended up asking myself if I really want this. And I think I really DO :)) [ Yeah this is big deal for me. HAHA. Coz I don't normally do this and I'm one of the haters of this kind of thing actually. I just dunno what's with SD that I did become a superfan, my previous posts are the proofs!]

I did go on with this one to prove to myself that I somehow can decide on my own without putting other peoples' "would-be-reactions" on top of the "reasons-why-I-should-not-join".

It feels great to be the real you all the time. No pretentions. Free. Happy.
So I suggest, if there're things you really wanna do,don't bother to think of what other people might say or think. Do it!



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