Thursday, April 12, 2012

Color it silver

Painting my nails is one of the many things I do whenever I am not busy :) My favorite colors are red and black. And now I tried silver, inspired by Megan Nicole's nails. She's a youtube artist who covers various songs that are usually famous. I noticed that most of the time she's having silver nails and so I tried it. I bought a silver platinum nail polish and tried it on, unfortunately I didn't get satisfied with the result of putting just the silver platinum nail polish alone and so I thought of ways on how to achieve the exact silver color I wanted. And, BINGGO! With the help of my black nail polish ( used as base), I was able to achieve what I really like :)) 

They look more stunning in person.

BTW, you might be interested on what color silver means in psych.... check this site :)) .


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