Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What keeps me busy

Hey. It's been days since my last post. Well, it's not that I'm not inspired to blog, not that I don't have anything to post's just that I'm busy baby seating my nephews who are having their vacation here in Lucena~ GHIAN & YHUAN. Here they are....

Ghian's the one looking at the monitor, he's the kuya.

Yhuan's the one wearing orange jersey, he's the bunso.

They arrived in Lucena from Paranaque Wednesday night of last week. These two kids came with their parents~ my brother & my sister-in-law. They spent the holy week  and Yhuan's birthday with us.

In Yhu's five years of existence, last April 7 was his only first time to celebrate his bday here in Lucena so we threw a simple kiddie party for him which he really enjoyed.

And, one of the coolest things we did this week was, we went to church last Easter Sunday all together. Then, prepared food for our yearly tradition of glorifying ES. As usual, we celebrated it simple as always. We had on our menu....the best barbeque me&kuya had ever roasted ( really delicious, well it's mama who marinade the pork...but still we were the ones who cooked and we both believe that if it wasn't for us, the pork bbq could've been less delicious :)) HAHA), we also had afritada, chicken adobo and rice for lunch. Melon juice for our drinks :))Together with those are fruits~ pinapple, watermellon, & green mango w/ alamang!!! ( very summer, right?)

 We used to celebrate important events together  whenever possible and we really exert efforts on finding ways to be complete as a family.

I'm just so blessed to have them :))


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