Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I've been a blogger for almost a half year now. So far, I'm having fun and I expect to experience more fun in the world of blogging in the future. Honestly, one factor that pushed me to have my own blog is blog giveaway. I've been joining  since then and fortunately I won a perfume already from Vern , one of my favorite fashion bloggers. It was actually my second time to win a blog giveaway. The first was in ROMWE's contest, but I'm not receiving their package yet up to now and it's been a month already so I no longer expect that I would still be able to get my prize. (Aww) Well, that's okay :)) I just feel a little disappointed knowing that ROMWE is very much endorsed by most of the fashion bloggers I follow. 

So, I think I'll consider this as my first ever prize :))

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