Thursday, July 26, 2012

Be mine? ( I want you so bad...)

Why I want to have a Blackberry 9220 ;)

One of the main reasons why I started blogging is for me to get updated with the interesting lives of the fashion bloggers I follow. Another, is for me to be able to join their blog giveaways :))  BOOM! ( My favorite bloggers are just so generous and I'm thankful I found them *insert heart here* )

Just this afternoon, as I was checking Miss Cheyser's blog I got so excited seeing that her 6th Birthday Giveaway is a Blackberry 9220, the exact phone I want for my 20th birthday ( August 6, winners will all be announced on the same day as my birthday and it surprised me and made me really hopeful and eager to win). I've been checking the specs of Blackberry phones even before encountering this giveaway and it already attracts me since then. BB phones are all amazing it's just that I have an obsession for QWERTYs and from all the QWERTY phones out there I like and would love my first to be Blackberry.  

A genius smartphone. ( do I sound redundant? HIHI )
Everytime I hear "BLACKBERRY", the first word that comes into my mind is QUALITY :)) #justsaying

Aside from its look which I really love, I think it's the best phone that would  suit a student like me.  Most of my friends have it. I've actually been wishing to have my own the soonest ( it's just that I can't afford it yet and I don't want to force my parents to buy me one coz I know they'd say it's less important than many other things that need to be prioritized like my studies. well I understand, we're not rich :)) but I think, if they only knew that it could be as useful as my thickest book, they'd surely accompany me in the nearest store to buy one. LOL. Whachuthink?  ) for I have tried it myself and I appreciate the great ease of use it provides to user. I love that it's very functional, that even during class reporting, I can use it as my guide while speaking in front of my classmates by just saving the outline of my topic on the phone. I can also use it to review my lectures (which are usually in PDF formats) wherever I am as long as I have it saved on the phone. I can use it too whenever I need to search something really important for school. Another advantage of having it is that I can get connected with my friends and acquaintances through social networking sites and I can visit my favorite blogs anytime :))) 

I want it so bad. I hope to win it. I want to finally own a smartphone. I know there would be hundreds of entries but I won't lose hope :)) God is good and he knows who deserves this amazing Blackberry 9220 down there.

BTW, I know that almost everybody has an account on Instagram already. HUHU. Sad that I don't have yet coz I'm using a kinda old phone. ( I love photography and I like expressing my feelings through photos.) So once I win, that's probably one of the first things I'd do, create an account on Instagram. AND I'd definitely try BBM too:))) I'm excited to say this to my friends " BBM me!" HIHI. A really hopeful girl here crossing her fingers... praying to have this fab phone on her birthday *arrow down* :)))

Would be one of the most memorable birthday gifts I could ever receive in my whole life, if I get lucky.



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